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Tomás E. Vigo, M.D.

Our Services

Medical Management

Dr. Vigo offers treatment and management of most of your family's medical needs. If a patient requires a higher level of care, we can provide referrals and to coordinate treatment with doctors of all specialties

  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Black Lung
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • As well as many other medical conditions


Substance Abuse Treatment

Opiate addiction and alcohol abuse is very common in today's society, especially in our area.  Each and every family is affected either directly or indirectly by these problems.

Help is available. Dr. Vigo has many years of experience in dealing with addiction medicine. We treat our patients with respect and compassion.  All aspects of your treatment are kept confidential.  We understand the severity and complexity of these problems, and we are here to help you.  



Dr. Vigo also offers Vivitrol for opiate addiction, as well as for alcohol abuse.  Vivitrol is a medication that is injected once per month.  The injection blocks the receptors for both opiates and alcohol.  Vivitrol combined with Substance Abuse Counseling has proven to be very effective in helping to overcome the cycle of addiction. It is covered by some insurances, including WV Medicaid.  Discount pricing is available for cash paying patients.

Some of the advantages of Vivitrol is that it is not a narcotic or a controlled medication and there is no limit to the number of patients we can have. It is used to treat opiate addiction as well as alcohol abuse. There are no waiting lists, as is common for Suboxone. 

If you are ready to make the change, call us for details (304) 855-2211.

Weight Loss Program


Obesity has become a problem of epidemic proportions in our country.  Dr. Vigo offers a comprehensive plan of treatment using appetite suppressants (Adipex, Fastin, etc.), fat burners (Lipovicine, Lipotonix, etc.), diet modification and increased physical activity. We have seen amazing results from patients following these recommendations. You can be a success story as well. Call us for more information.



Our Suboxone Program is limited by federal law to 100 patients.  Many studies have proven that treatment with Suboxone is safe and effective. When used as directed, the patient feels normal, with no limitations on physical or mental activities.  Studies state that after one year of good compliance, a patient has an 80 percent chance of remaining drug free.

Treatment with Suboxone consists of medication and Substance Abuse Counseling.  This provides a well rounded approach.  We have seen great success with our program.